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Bitcoin101.co.uk is an online platform dedicated to educating people about Bitcoin.


Founded by Chris in 2020, Bitcoin101.co.uk is on a mission to create great Bitcoin education.

Through our flagship online course (Bitcoin101 – Understand Bitcoin from first principles), blog posts and social media content we want to help everyone learn about Bitcoin.

First, we want our members to understand how to invest in Bitcoin and why they should consider an investment in Bitcoin.

Second, we want to help facilitate society’s return to an era of sound money.

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Bitcoin101.co.uk members get access to our flagship course: Bitcoin101 – Understanding Bitcoin from first principles.

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What your instructor says

Bitcoin changed my life. My financial situation is very different than it would be without it, and I understand the world much better.

Chris Espley

Your Instructor

Passion, mission, fascination, community, investment

“I began to invest in Bitcoin because of Chris. I’m quite risk-averse but I think this is a bit of a no-brainer. I just invest a portion of my income every month and am treating it like a long-term savings account, which I’ve been told is sensible.”


“Chris convinced me about Bitcoin in late 2019. As a result I felt comfortable investing a significant portion of my savings, which have sinced doubled in value.”


“Chris is constantly peppering me and my friends with the latest Bitcoin content he’s found and I have learned so much. I’m actually spending less on my new house than I’d planned to because I want to buy more bitcoin. “

MATT WALKER, @mattw2214

“Chris ran a series of Zoom Webinars for myself and my colleagues in March 2020. His passion shone through and the content was fascinating. He’s since turned the content into a course and I can’t wait to sign up and take it!”

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Bitcoin will change the world and it could change your life.

You may feel like you missed the boat with Bitcoin, but guess what? You're still VERY early. That thing it does when the price increases 10x within 18 months? It's going to do that again.

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